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Autism Spectrum Disorders
Individual Education Program
Legal & Regulatory
Medicaid in the Schools
Social, Emotional & Behavioral Learning
Teacher Assistants
Traumatic Brain Injury
Rhode Island Informal and Formal Special Education Options and Resources for Dispute Resolution (English)
Opciones y Recursos Informales y Formales para la Resolución de Desacuerdos en la Enseñanza Especial en Rhode Island (Spanish)
Opções e Recursos Formais e Informais de Educação Especial para a Resolução de Disputas em Rhode Island (Portuguese)
Rhode Island Tej Kev Muaj Rau Xaiv Txog Kev Qhia Ntawv Rau Cov Menyuam Xiam-Oob-Khab Uas Ua Nruj Raws Li Txoj Cai thiab Tsis Ua Nruj Raws Li Txoj Cai thiab Tej Kev Yuav Pab Tau Siv Daws Tej Teebmeem (Hmong)
Past RIDE Leadership Conferences downloadable materials (updated for the 2007 Winter Conference)
WEB-BASED RESOURCE GUIDE for Families and Providers of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
Personal Literacy Plan Guidelines, 10/2003
Board of Regents Guidance for the Literacy Component of the High School Regulations, 12/2003
Children with Speech and Language Impairments: Meeting their Needs, A Guide for Schools and Families (DRAFT), 2003 (6MB)
Students with Attentional Disorders: Meeting Their Needs — A Guide for Schools and Families (2nd Edition, 2001)
CIMP (Continuous Improvement Monitoring Process) Self Assessment, 12/2001
Children with Disabilities Study: Special Education in the Context of School Reform (1999)
Keeping Quality Teachers
Rhode Island Related
State Performance Plan (SPP)/Annual Performance Reports (APR) information can be found on the RIDE website at

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