How to Excel in High School

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With each calendar year, both in middle and high school, students’ academic expectations increase. More and more homework is added to students’ already busy schedules. Getting through each year of independent study high school is, therefore, a milestone for many students. In high school, stress is exceptionally high. Add to that the workload of innovative courses and, for most students, a part-time job, and it becomes even more challenging to complete assignments and study effectively. But a few tips will help any student do better in college.

Join Extra-Curricular Activities

game spirit uniformThis also provides more time and extra help for students who need it due to their particular needs. Through joining different programs, students will be well-rounded and understood to lead a life outside the classroom. Successful high school students don’t simply disappear behind classroom walls.

They are also engaged members of the community. Get involved in the issues that affect your students’ literacy. Teach yourself about the concerns that affect your area, and learn how to use your voice to let people hear what you think. Successful high school students are the ones who can speak up and bring about positive change.

Time Management

Many times a high school student comes home with a seemingly impossible amount of homework. They ask themselves, “How am I going to do it all?” and end up not being able to finish anything due to disorganization. Only by having the ability to stop and figure out what needs to be done in the allotted time can an observational task be completed, leaving make-up time for any essential interactions and free time. We are all guilty of procrastination. Procrastinating is not good. Organize your agenda to have more time to start what you want to do, and don’t do it all the night before. Other benefits of not procrastinating are extra time, even more sleep, and less cramming.

Participate in Class

laboratory dissect studentYou may think this is self-evident, but many students seem to believe that their participation will be secondary if they are doing research and getting high-level results. However, successful students understand that course participation is a means to success especially if you want to go to university or international school.

Students who participate in a course are more engaged in their learning and are therefore much better able to encode data into their memory, as careful questioning and reflection help contextualize new details. Also, attending a class demonstrates to your professors that you listen and reflect on the content presented. Professors are more likely to consider you an engaged learner if you frequently participate in class discussions.

How to Excel in High School
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