How to Choose the Best Ukulele

While there are so many musical instruments you could try your hands on, the ukulele is one of the best instruments you should learn to play. This small guitar-like instrument is easy to learn to play since its nylon strings are more friendly to newbies and children, unlike guitars. Besides, the ukulele is far lighter than most lute-family devices and can adopt many types of music. The good news is that if you are shopping for uke and you’re a beginner, this list of recommended beginner ukuleles can make your work easier.

Here are some of the considerations when looking for the best ukulele:

Consider Your Budget

Since there are so many ukuleles in the market, it would be best to narrow down your hunting for the best uke by defining your budget range. As a beginner, working with a range of $50 to $100 is reasonable because there are plenty of ukes within this range that have good sound and are well-made. Although you could spend more, it is not the best idea for a beginner to spend so much. The instruments within that budget range are good enough, and you can play them for long without any pressure to upgrade.

Furthermore, if you upgrade to more expensive ukes, these cheaper ones can be the right spare instruments to carry with you on camping expeditions, trips, or even to lend friends. On the other hand, avoid going for cheaper ukes that cost less than $50 because they are available online. These tend to have lots of issues, including sound problems, and prove tricky to play.

Consider the Fitness for Your Climate

conside the fitness for your climate bCostly and acoustic ukuleles are usually made of solid wood, and the advantage of this is that they have a great appearance and give richer sounds. Unfortunately, wood tends to warp when not properly cared for because it is sensitive to temperature and humidity. Conversely, low-budget ukes tend to have laminated bodies (pressed plywood covered with plastic). These tend to withstand climate changes but will mean compromising on looks and tone.

Consider the Body Size and Style

consider the sizeYou may get confused about the uke’s body sizes and styles, but you only need to know there are mainly four sizes-tenor, soprano, concert, and baritone. As a newbie, you should choose a soprano, tenor, or a concert because all have the same playability, and you can easily switch from one to another. All you will need is to adapt to the size.
However, you need to know the size goes with tones because smaller ukes(soprano) have brighter sounds, and as they increase in size, the tone gets deeper. Size also impacts playability-with big hands, a smaller uke may prove challenging to play, and choosing a tenor or concert ukulele may be the best choice.


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